Why were deserts first eaten? Make your dinner complete

Meaning of dessert

The word dessert is originated from the French word desservir, which means to clear the table. This means that the first use of the first was to wash the aftertaste of a large meal with something sweet. A question always appear in mind that why the first dessert eat.

History of dessert

Now a day for some people, dinner is nothing without desserts. This was a tradition to end the meal with something sweet.

Up to the 17th century, the desserts were not considering more than the cleanser of the plates. With the invention of the desserts, the plantation of sugar has been increased and thus proves goes down.

Due to the decrease in price the sugar has been abundantly used in desserts. The end of the 17th century also saw desserts move as reserved at the end of the meal instead of as a cleanser of plates. In the 19th century, custard was evolved as sweat pudding, and then production came into the world as sweat foods like cake. Eating few bites before your meal can help better digestion of vitamins when it comes to your life.


What desserts components is actual dessert itself.

The main ingredients of the dessert is a slice of the chocolate or serving cake itself. And it is the primary flavor on the plat. Use of sauce is to catch the attention,

What are traditional desserts?

A dessert is typically a sweet dish that is eaten in particular countries as a culture. The most eaten desserts in western countries are cakes, cookies, gelatin, pastries, ice cream, pudding, pies, and candies.

Eating dessert first is a good idea.

Whether it is a cheesecake or pie, most desserts have a fair amount of fat. Too much fat in the dessert is not suitable for our health. A small amount of fat helps absorb soluble vitamins and vitamins A, D, and K. Some carotenoids in leafy greens vegetables also require some fat to absorb. That’s why eating desserts first is fantastic.

Reasons to  desserts.

There are a lot of reasons to eat desserts, but here are some benefits to eat desserts.

  • Eating desserts can put you in a good mood
  • It makes for a good breakfast
  • A few bites and all is well
  • You prevent a stroke by eating desserts
  • It will help you to lower your blood pressure
  • You will feel better in bed
  • Learn care by sharing desserts
  • It makes life more enjoyable


Not only eating does eating desserts make you healthy, but it also makes you a happier and more caring human. There is no reason to resist cakes, cookies, and ice cream.

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