Cross fit Workouts Pros and Cons

It’s a well-known saying that exercise shapes your body and helps to change your mind and attitude. By having a proper attitude, one can boost his confidence. Everyone wants to have a smart physiological shape of their body.

How to get and maintain this physiological shape is a million-dollar question. Everyone wants to get to know about this. There are many workouts and physical exercises that can help one maintain an attractive physical shape of our body. The CrossFit workout is one of them. This specific workout has a few more advantages as compare to others.

No doubts like others there are some disadvantages which are connected with this particular exercise. Let’s have a detailed overlook to understand the importance of Cross fit workout and its possible risk.

A CrossFit workout is characterized by full-body muscle functional exercise to gain captivating physiological shape and flexibility. It is a high-intensity physiological training of our body. This functional movement of our body mussels is performed at a higher rate.

The USA introduced it in 2000. Now it is a popular world widely. In Asia, it is equally popular now.

Amazing advantages of Crossfit workouts

A research study in 2017 by Jena Meyer, Janet Morrison, and Julie Zuniga shows younger participants who do CrossFit workouts assessed with a high level of Irisin production. A hormone decreases obesity and insulin resistance.

SAGE journals

As we know, cross fit is a high-intensity workout designed for individuals of almost every level who want to maintain their fitness. It’s a little challenging exercise, but the results are startling for those who are highly motivated. Movements like pushups, squats, burpees, warm-up, battle rope, etc., make possible functional movements of our cardiovascular mussel at a higher rate and increase our aerobic capacity, which burns calories and manages weight at the fastest rate.

As a result, our body’s shape changes because of this excellent combination of diet and workouts and a properly shaped body and flexibility. These movements give functional training to everybody’s muscles and joints, making it different from commonly used workouts. These multi-joints movements and functional training increase our strength and stamina by focusing on loads, speed, and distance.

Moreover, one can use an open playground anywhere, and it can be one’s home, for this workout with essential tools like ropes, kettlebell, tyre, jumping box, etc.

In 20119, stats by Statista shows that approximately 13.54 million participants aged six and above show their interest in doing CrossFit workouts in the USA.

Some undeniable threats                      

Along with advantages, there are also some threats which one cannot deny because it is a high-intensity exercise, so the participant can get a serious injury as he increases the intensity of his workout. You cannot perform this exercise independently as a beginner. If you are a beginner, then you must take the proper guidance from some professionals. It is important for your safety and physic as well. A study has been done to estimate injury rates by Jena Meyer, Janet Morrison, and Julie Zuniga in 2017.

This study reveals injury rates and patterns of injury of 386 individuals; among 386 participants, the injury rate was 19.4%. The injury rate of males was higher than females. But it was also evident that the person who has a prior injury is more susceptible to face another one. It means the injury rate decreases with training. The most assessed areas of injury during the research were the lower back, shoulders, and knee. So, make sure you have proper instruction giving by an expert before the starting of the workout.

You cannot imagine that CrossFit could be safe for everyone. A pregnant woman must wait to start this high potential exercise until she gives delivery of her child. It is not preferable to you if you are suffering from serious health care problems. If you are eager to start, then make sure you have confirmation from your medical practitioner. If you are over-aged, i.e., above 70, and have sound physic, try to avoid Crossfit. It is not equally favorable for over-aged. So, we can say that Crossfit is undoubtedly an excellent exercise to get rapid weight loss, to gain flexibility, to increase aerobic respiration and fitness, but this may not useful for everyone.


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